Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2nd pic of day - Word

I know I was suppose to pick a word, but the letter "F" has many words that have special meaning in my life. I bought this picture at Kirklands in the clearance section for $2.50. The frame was a little broken, but I knew with a little glue I could fix it. Now look at it! It's beautiful!
Originally I had bought it for Flanagan, my fiancée's last name, but as I looked around the house today for a word I thought how this frame had more significance. It was broken when I bought it. John and I each had broken families when we met. With a little glue and care we now have one complete family. John and I are best Friends. More than anything in this world I want to be Mrs. Flanagan Forever.
So who knew that one little broken frame with the letter "F" would have such significance. It will be a treasure of mine.
What broken finds are your treasures?

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